About us

We are the manufacturer of knitted headwear and accessories operating since 1989. Acer is Poland-based factory offering 100% Made in EU products. In our offer you can find our own base models of beanies but we also handle custom production of winter hats according to Customers’ needs and projects.

We ship worldwide and sell our beanies in Germany, Switzerland, France, Finland, Sweden. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and Ukraine.

Our own collection

Every year we create our own collection for fall-winter. We also develop new base models for further branding that are up to date with current trends on the market.

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Customized beanies

We also work according to projects from other companies (clothing brands, advertising agencies, corporate clothing etc.) We combine our own experience with Clients’ ideas.

Individual orders

Accessories and decorations

We cooperate with many subcontractors and suppliers specialized in accessories and decorations for clothes. We offer: embroideries, woven tags, nylon tags, pompons and many others.

Accessories and decorations for clothing

Years of experience

Own products each year

Geographical markets

Machines of various types

We specialize in

Custom products for Customer's brand
Beanies for streetwear sector
Beanies for adults
Beanies for advertising

Benefits from cooperation

Individual approach

We treat each inquiry and project individually. We are open for new proposals and we like challenges. We are happy to undertake unusual and innovative orders.


During production of our caps we pay extraordinary attention to quality. Not only within our own company, but also among our suppliers. Each beanie is checked individually at every stage of production. As a result we eliminate defective items and provide our Clients with the best quality.

Minimum order at low level

Apparel market has become increasingly fragmented. In the industry operate not only large corporations with their own stores in shopping malls, but more often individual designers and brands selling their products on the Internet. As we want to meet the demands of the market we can begin production from low volumes – even 100 pcs.


Our experience in the production of knitting caps is 30 years long. We are aware that the fashion industry is changing rapidly from year to year. That is why we constantly follow the latest trends in the industry.


We are aware that contact with our company is for some people the first approach with the production of hats, knitting technology, and even the first contact with clothing manufacturer. Therefore we focus on patience and good understanding each problem during communication with our Clients. We also transfer our knowledge and experience in the most accessible way.

What our Clients say

Of all hip-hop, sport and streetwear heart we THANK YOU for co-creation of the best brand in Poland. Thank you for your understanding, patience, a fair reflection of the formidable projects, for being an extremely important part of the creative process, for knowledge, for experience, for the quality.

On the 15th anniversary of the brand