Frequently asked questions

On this page we prepared a special section of questions and answers that will clarify all your doubts and present how the cooperation with our company is organized. If you  cannot find the answers you are looking for, please contact us individually.

What is the minimum order?

Minimum order is 200 pcs. from one model (including 2-3 different colours). Out of peak season it is possible to submit smaller orders. Please contact us individually to get more details.

What is the delivery time?

Everything depends on the volume of the order and selected models. If you ordered a cap based on our ready-made patterns – we begin production immediately. In the case of an individual design sampling takes 1-2 weeks. The production lasts approx. 2-3 weeks and in the high season about four weeks. Duration of wholesale orders is determined individually.

What materials can beanies be made of?

Most popular raw materials / yarns we use:

  • -100% merino wool (including mulesing free)
  • -A blend of merino wool / acrylic - 50/50%
  • -100% cotton (also organic cotton with GOTS
  • -100% acrylic
  • We are also working on luxurious yarns like cashmere and alpaca. For ecology and environment oriented Customers we offer recycled yarns with GRS and RCS certificates. In this case, please contact us individually.

How should I prepare project?

It will be the best if visualization is prepared in electronic format. For caps project it does not have to be a vector, just JPG or PDF format. Visualization should be prepared in the shape of beanie or in the shape of a rectangle. We are working on flat machines, so material produced on the machine is rectangular and it is sew into a beanie shape. Therefore, placing graphics into rectangular shape will help us.

If the cap is simple, and does not have a specific graphic (more important is its structure), or if you are not able to prepare the visualization - you can simply send us a photo of some sample caps. Our graphic designers and programmers can handle such case as well.
If there are some additional decorations (embroideries, woven tags etc.) applied they should be prepared in vector format. It will significantly accelerate the sampling and further production.
Download templates for beanie projects

Which decorating and packing solutions are available?

We focus on the comprehensive production and delivery of the product ready to be sold. We have the following decorations and packaging available:

  • - embroidery (including 3D embroidery)
  • - leather patches
  • - printing
  • - woven tags
  • - customized care labels
  • - plastic bags (few caps in one bag)
  • - elegant plastic bags (one beanie in one bag – intended for retail sale)
  • - cartons
  • - we can also attach all carton labels, hang tags (including bar codes)

Dou you grant any discounts?

We give discounts only for large wholesale orders. They are subject to individual negotiation when details of the order are being determined.