Knitwear producer with Stoll ADF machine

In recent 2 years our company invested in 3 modern ADF machines from Stoll (by Karl Mayer). This new generation of knitting machines has a very advanced and interesting solution that allows to develop and produce very unique designs and technical fabrics as well. In this post I would like to show you the technical possibilities of Stoll ADF knitting machines and present you its influence on knitwear patterns

Stoll ADF machines – what is it exactly?

ADF means “Autarkic Direct Feed”, and it gives you a new level of freedom in design and production. The yarn carriers are independent of the carriage and can move on both horizontal and vertical direction. Thanks to this innovative yarn carrier technology that ADF machine creates – almost endless possibilities for pattern and color combinations can be obtained.

Stoll ADF 7.2 Open carriage
Stoll ADF open carriage
Stoll ADF 7.2 32 yarn carriers (16 on one side) for intarsia patterns
Stoll ADF 7.2 32 yarn carriers (16 on one side) for intarsia patterns

Yarn carriers in ADF machine can move freely, both horizontally and vertically, because they are powered by two motors that work completely independently of each other. This technology gives knitting an entirely new dimension. First and foremost, plating techniques have been significantly advanced. Numerous options for Inverse Plating make it possible to choose from an almost unlimited spectrum of color combinations. For Intarsia Plating and Selective Plating, color composition can vary between single and multiple areas. With the new Stoll-ikat plating® Inverse Plating is knitted in one system: two more yarns knit together in an area and change their positions in the same system. Applying the new Stoll-weave-in® technique floats can be interlaced into knits in a weft direction. The outcome is knitted fabric connected with weaving technique. It is still created by loops, but thanks to weave in yarn thread it also have a properties of weaving fabric.

What is the greatest in Stoll ADF machine generation is that all techniques can be combined with each other.

Stoll ADF Weave in device
Stoll ADF Weave-In® device for weaved&knitted patterns
Stoll ADF machine Ikat plating pullover
Ikat plating pullover, source:
Stoll ADF machine Ikat plating carpet
Ikat plating carpet, source:

Looking for a knitting factory with Stoll ADF machine?

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post: Acer invested in 3 Stoll ADF machines. We possess now 3 machines in gauge 7.2 with 16 and 32 yarn carriers and Weave-In® devices.
We can help you both ways:

  1. Carry out a production. If you already have your patterns developed and want to expand production we should definitely meet each other and discuss your needs. Just focus on selling and developing your product and leave production to us. This is the most efficient way to develop and grow your company!
  2. Develop a new products using the latest knitting technology and full potential of ADF machines. We have a very skilled programmers that were trained in ADF programming. Thanks to that we can not only carry out production efficiently but also help you to enter a world of ADF and most innovative patterning in knitwear that can be obtained in XXI century.
    Stoll Autarkic Direct Feed (ADF) machine is not only suitable for fashion apparel, but also for technical products and fabrics. Branches like furniture, automotive, healthcare and many others use the benefits of technically knitted fabrics.

Please contact us to check how we can help you!

Below you can check some patterns developed in our company on Stoll ADF machines:

Stoll ADF weave in - furniture pattern
“Y” pattern for furniture fabric

Stoll ADF 7.2 weave in design idea
Stoll ADF 7.2 Weave-In® design idea

Intarsia pattern - stoll ADF 7.2
Multicolor Intarsia pattern – Stoll ADF 7.2

Stoll ADF weave in - butterflies
Stoll ADF Weave In® – Butterflies

Stoll ADF weave in - cats
Stoll ADF Weave In® – cats

Stoll ADF weave in logo on beanie
Beanie with Weave-In® Logo

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