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Stoll ADF knitting machine

Knitwear producer with Stoll ADF machine

In recent 2 years our company invested in 3 modern ADF machines from Stoll (by Karl Mayer). This new generation of knitting machines has a very advanced and interesting solution that allows to develop and produce very unique designs and technical fabrics as well. In this post I would like to show you the technical possibilities of Stoll ADF knitting machines and present you its…

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Knitted blankets made of cotton, bamboo and merino wool

Knitted blankets made of cotton, bamboo and merino wool

Blankets, plaids, coverlets and baby blankets are new interesting products that we can knit on our industrial knitting machines. Light baby blankets for spring and summer are recently gaining more and more popularity. But those types of blankets are not the only one. We also produced thick plaids for autumn and winter or even very big coverlets suitable for big beds. In this post I…

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Merino wool hair

Merino wool beanies and headwear

In this post I would like to introduce you to a very interesting and premium yarn, which is merino wool. This type of wool belongs to the group of exclusive yarns and its properties cause that it is used not only in the fashion segment assortment, but also in sports wear.




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