Knitted blankets manufacturer

We are a company specializing in knitting. Our machines can produce knitted fabrics of various sizes, cuts and structures. We also accept individual orders for cotton and bamboo blankets for children and babies. Below are examples of blankets we are able to produce:

Possible ways of cooperation

We work in 2 business models:

1. According to our pre-prepared base models (models listed above). Quick deadlines, lower MOQs (even 10pcs per color).

2. Custom production according to your own projects and ideas. Here dedicated knitting program is required, but you will get your own unique blanket. MOQ is 50pcs (10pcs per color still possible).

Yarns we use for our blankets

– Cotton

– Organic cotton

– Bamboo viscose

– Merino wool

– Other yarns are possible

Please contact us by:

– e-mail:

– phone: +48-601-354-612

– or by contact form.

We will respond to every inquiry within a few hours.

Check technical possibilities on our blog post.

What our Customer say:

Thanks to individual approach and wide technological capabilities we managed to create our own patterns of blankets quickly and with a lot of pleasure. We can recommend Acer as a good business partner and experienced knitting company.

Mateo Fabijanovic

Due to the wide availability of colors and patterns at Acer, we managed to create an interesting and diverse collection of children’s blankets. We definitely recommend this knitting factory as a reliable partner.

Aleksandra Kaźmierczak

Benefits from cooperation

Excellent Communication - At Every Stage

We understand that nothing is more frustrating than slow communication and unanswered messages. Although we are a manufacturing company, the nature of our work is mostly service-oriented (production according to Customer’s requirements). We realize how important it is to establish all details and specifications at the initial stage so that production runs smoothly and without complications. If any issues arise during production, we do not wait and make decisions on our own. Instead, we immediately contact you to determine the best possible solution. Ideal and transparent communication is the most important value in our company.

We Meet Deadlines - We Verify a Schedule and Define What is Realistic

We always set REALISTIC deadlines, not based on intuition but on our production schedule. For every inquiry, we check the availability of specific machines and free capacities in our sewing department. This enables us to accurately determine the delivery time, which we adhere to.

High quality yarns and safety for babies

We collaborate with many spinning mills across Europe and stay up-to-date with trends and innovations.

Safety of babies and kids using our blankets is a priority. This is why cotton and bamboo yarns we use ar Oeko-Tex certified.

For even more demaning Clients we can work on GOTS cotton as well.

Quality and Consistency of Batches

We achieve this in two ways:

-> Quality Control
Conducted at every stage of production (knitting, sewing, finishing, packaging), resulting in the correction of errors or their complete rejection.

-> Experienced Team of Technologists
Our programmer and knitters oversee the quality of the produced fabrics and components (dimensions, density, color). Steaming process let us stabilise the blankets and keep them at proper dimensions.

Both of these processes ensure high product quality and, above all, consistency between colors and different production batches.

Low minimum order quantities

10pcs per color.

Custom projects and individual models available from 50pcs per model.

Sustainable and Responsible Production

Over 60% of the energy we use comes from our own photovoltaic panels.

Production takes place in one location within our company, minimizing transportation costs and the carbon footprint.

100% Polish production. By working with us, you support the local labour market.

We are a family business managed by the second generation. Tradition and values passed down from generation to generation guarantee honest cooperation and the uniqueness of our products.

Production according to orders and customer needs. We have moved away from production “for stock”. Each order is executed for a specific Client. Therefore, unnecessary overproduction does not occur with us.