Leather patches producer

Our machine park include laser with function of engraving. This allows us to offer laser-engraved leather patches and labels. The biggest advantages of such a solution are:

  • very detailed and good projection of engraved graphics
  • small minimum order quantity (from 100 pieces)
  • high availability of colors and materials
  • no additional costs for the program or the stamping knife

Some examples of our faux leather patches (click to enlarge):

Our Contact data:

– e-mail: kontakt@acerskwarka.pl
– phone: +48-601-354-612
– or with contact form

We will answer within few hours

What Our Clients Say

Of all hip-hop, sport and streetwear heart we THANK YOU for co-creation of the best brand in Poland. Thank you for your understanding, patience, a fair reflection of the formidable projects, for being an extremely important part of the creative process, for knowledge, for experience, for the quality.

On the 15th anniversary of the brand