Accessories and decorations

Together with headwear we have various accessories and decorations for apparel in our offer. We have a comprehensive approach to the production and as a result you will get products ready for immediate sale.

We also sell decorations and semi-finished products (to be used for other parts of the garment). In the table below you will find what we offer:

We have our own laser machine and we also cooperate with different suppliers of materials, so that we can offer:

Examples of leather patches (click to enlarge):

We have various embroideries in our offer:

  • flat embroideries
  • 3D embroideries
  • fluorescent embroidery elements
  • stitching the woven tags

Examples of embroidery (click to enlarge):

We have our own machine for pompons so we we can produce pompons in various colors, sizes and from various materials. We provide:

  • single colour pompons
  • multicolour pompons
  • pompons form roving yarn
  • pompons and braids attached to strings
  • fur pompons

Examples of pompons (click to enlarge):

We offer:

  • flat tags
  • bent tags (ironed)
  • rigid woven tags (calender)
  • reflective tags

Examples of woven tags (click to enlarge):

We have our own thermal printer for care labels, so we can fully customize them and add your captions, logos and graphics.

Examples of care labels (click to enlarge):

We cooperate with various suppliers of printing on clothing:

  • silkscreen
  • sublimation printing
  • foil printing
  • flock
  • plastisol

On special request we attach paper labels to beanies and we also handle the packaging. We can offer:

  • paper labels
  • carton packaging
  • various types of plastic bags

Examples of labels (click to enlarge):